Sugan Hostel Killarney

Sugan Hostel Killarney Ireland is world renowned for it`s warmth and friendliness. The Sugan Hostel staff will ensure your stay in Killarney is fun-filled, comfortable and especially memorable.The hostel is located close to the heart of Killarney - less then two minutes walk from the bus and rail stations.
The hostel always has a cosy fire going and the warm and friendly staff are always on hand with help, information and tips to help you make the most of your hosteling holiday in Killarney.
The Sugan Hostel is a small family run hostel under the care Martin and Pa.

Reasons why to stay in the Sugan hostel:

The Killarney Sugan Hostel is top rated by It is also the No.1 hostel in Killarney according to in the Sugan Hostel listen to what our guests want. ie. A nice warm, cosy atmosphere to sleep, relax and simply hang out. So, to this conclusion, we do not allow any parties. The Sugan Hostel Killarney is an ALCOHOL FREE ZONE! Our female guests prefer that there is no drunkly behavior in making the Sugan a pleasant, easygoing, more secure surrounding to stay and hang out in.

We also offer FREE tea and coffee.

Hostels In Killarney Ireland. The Sugan Hostel Killarney Ireland
Just a brief history:

The Killarney Sugan Hostel was built in 1795 as a home for estate workers of Lord Kenmare a local landlord. It consists of 12 rooms and is situated in the heart of Killarney town.

Close to Killarney Bus Station

Close to Killarney Train Station

We also have Killarney Rent-A-Bike with easy access to Killarney.

Check-in daily from 9a.m.-9p.m.

Our Map of our Killarney Hostel, located in Killarney Town with great access to the Killarney National Park and the Lakes of Killarney.

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Sugan Hostel Killarney

Sugan Hostel Killarney Ireland

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